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Don’t Miss a Beat – Recording and Interpreting ECGs for Practice Nurses

Duration of the course: 60mins
Ideal for: Nurses
Track: Clinical
Topics: Cardiac

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About The Course


Giving nursing staff the confidence to conduct ECGs and interpret the results.
Duration: 60mins

The ECG is used to record the electrical activity of the heart from different angles to identify and locate pathology. When nurses are asked to perform a 12 lead ECG, there is an expectation that they know how to use the equipment and are able to recognise a normal or abnormal result. This webinar will support clinicians conducting ECGs in general practice to build confidence in this task.

This one hour interactive webinar will refresh knowledge about the normal anatomy and physiology of the heart and will build participant confidence in obtaining quality 12 lead ECGs including: correct lead placement; timing and components. Common cardiac rhythms and affected heart anatomy will complete the ECG update.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresh knowledge of the normal anatomy & physiology of the heart including the electrical system and the laws of electricity
  • Learn the importance of correct placement to record 3 & 5 lead monitoring and their relationship to parts of a 12 lead ECG
  • Understand the timing and components of a 12 lead ECG common cardiac rhythms and affected heart anatomy

Industry Standards

Completion of this webinar will support practices to address the following RACGP accreditation standards:

  • GP3.1 C Our clinical team is trained to use the practice’s equipment that they need to properly perform their role.
  • GP3.1 D Our clinical team is aware of the potential risks associated with the equipment they use.

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Course Instructor

Cheryl Constance
Cheryl Constance Nurse Educator

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse with clinical and management experience across acute care, primary and aged care. With a passion for quality in health care and staff development, Cheryl has been actively involved in the design of high quality clinical education with a focus on areas of identified need.

Becky Ingham-Broomfield
Becky Ingham-Broomfield Nurse Educator, Cardio-Thoracic Nursing

Becky Ingham-Broomfield is RN, BSc (Hons), MSc, CNS, and has been a nurse educator for 31 years in both the UK and Australia across the acute care and tertiary education sectors. At this time she has had roles in cardiac rehab, coronary care, intensive care, operating theatres and recovery. Becky has contributed to the a Cardio-Respiratory chapter in one nursing text, as well as other nursing text chapters, is a passionate educator who is well known for her ability to teach this topic.