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Navigating Aged Care Services

Duration of the course: 60 mins
Track: Clinical
Topics: Aged Care

About The Course


A practical guide for Nurses and General Practitioners confused about the Aged Care system and home care package.
Duration: 60mins

Are you confused about the Aged Care system and frustrated by how difficult it is to coordinate care for patients receiving a home care package?

This webinar will provide practical information to make it easier to:

  • assist your patients to understand and access the home care system, and
  • work with care providers to optimise care for your elderly patients.

With more than one million Australians receiving aged care in the home and more than 120,000 awaiting a higher level of care than what they are currently receiving, many elderly patients and their families turn to their trusted medical practice to help them make sense of the complexities of aged care services. For nurses and GPs, understanding exactly what can be accessed, how these services are allocated and what sort of care can be provided can be mysterious.

This one hour webinar will help unravel the mystery and will provide you with a practical overview of the different home care services available in Australia. It will address common issues faced by those in general practice who are involved with caring for elderly patients and their families.

Practical topics for discussion include:

  • the who, how and when of registering for My Aged Care
  • navigating the home assessment process
  • accessing services and how long it might take
  • demystifying how the costs are worked out
  • understanding who controls the funding and decides how it is spent
  • what happens when things change

What you will learn

At the completion of this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Describe the function of the My Aged Care intake and assessment process.
  • Identify some of the challenges and barriers that patients may face when accessing home care.
  • Explain the difference in the services provided under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and the Home Care Packages (HCP) programmes, including funding arrangements and the fees that apply.

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Course Instructor

Cheryl Constance
Cheryl Constance Cape Institute Nurse Educator

Cheryl is a Registered Nurse with clinical and management experience across acute care, primary and aged care. With a passion for quality in health care and staff development, Cheryl has been actively involved in the design of high quality clinical education with a focus on areas of identified need.

Dr Peter Silberberg
Dr Peter Silberberg Cape Institute Educator and GP

Peter is a GP who trained in the Northern Territory before moving to the North Coast of NSW in 2009. He currently works as a GP in a small coastal town and also an Aboriginal Medical Service. He has over 14 years experience in medical education, whether it be medical students, GP registrars or colleagues. Peter strives for engaging, transformative and enjoyable learning experiences and is a passionate educator.