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Performance Appraisals – How and Why? The Need for Radical Reinvention

Duration of the course: 60mins

About The Course


Change your way of thinking about performance appraisals to improve productivity, staff morale, practice output and patient experience.
Duration: 60mins

There is much contemporary controversy surrounding the real value of performance appraisals for businesses and staff. This is largely due to organisations continuing to use a traditional and ineffectual approach to performance appraisals. Changing your way of thinking about performance appraisals only requires a small tweak and provides a golden opportunity to improve productivity enormously, keep staff morale high, reduce turnover, improve your overall practice outputs and skyrocket patient experience.

During this interactive session, clinicians will be provided:

  • Information about the essential characteristics of meaningful performance appraisals
  • An opportunity to observe a role play of key components of a performance appraisal meeting
  • An opportunity to ask questions as the session unfolds; and
  • Guidelines, Template Forms and Checklists for ongoing support.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what characteristics make performance appraisals valuable.
  • How to conduct performance appraisals – the Do’s and Don’ts.

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Course Instructor

Ruth Levy
Ruth Levy Psychotherapist

Ruth worked as a Litigation Lawyer for 8 years. She practised as a Barrister in a number of areas of law, including Employment Law. She has subsequently worked in the area of Human Resource Management and Organisational Development for the past 20 years in the professional services, higher education and Not-For-Profit sectors. Ruth's positions in Human Resources have included National Human Resources Manager for a firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, Human Resources Manager for an international firm of Forensic and Insolvency Accountants, Human Resources Manager at a regional university and Human Resources Manager for a number of Not-for-Profit organisations in the Northern Rivers region.