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Privacy Please!

Duration of the course: 60 mins

About The Course


Education for practice receptionists about maintaining client privacy at the front of house.
Duration: 60mins

Privacy and respect are essential elements of quality health care and exceptional customer service, as well as being a key component of the RACGP accreditation standards for General Practices. Front desk and reception staff are the front door to your healthcare practice and have the first opportunity to impress patients.

Privacy and respect are a sense that the patient feels when they enter your reception room – body language, eye contact, a clean and tidy reception desk are all non-verbal cues that convey a sense of trust between patient and care provider.

How practices manage data, social media and requests of patient information are also important elements of protecting patient privacy and maintaining trust.

Join David Wenban for this one hour interactive webinar as he discusses the importance of patient privacy and confidentiality and shares practical strategies and tips to assist practice receptionists and front desk staff meet privacy obligations and deliver a great experience for patients.

Industry Standards

RACGP Standards for General Practice (5th Edition):

  • Core Standard 6: Information Management
  • Core Standard 8

What you will learn

At the completion of this webinar you will:

  • Understand the difference between confidentiality and privacy.
  • Understand the principals of good customer service that ensure patient privacy.
  • Understand the impact of social media on privacy for patients and employees.
  • Be aware of the important steps to take when a request is made for patient records.

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Course Instructor

David Wenban
David Wenban Principal lawyer and Managing Director of Australian Health Industry Group

David is Managing Director of the Australian Health Industry Group which advises the Community, Health and Business Services sectors on HR, IR, legal and management issues. Using his formal clinical, management and legal qualifications and experience in the health sector David provides concise and pragmatic advice. His past roles include working as the CEO of a small rural health service, Executive and Corporate Counsel of a large metropolitan health service and Legal and Management Consulting throughout Australia. David's special areas of practice are administrative law, information technology, contract and commercial law, disciplinary tribunals, employment and industrial law, equal opportunity, governance, internal audits, occupational health and safety, workcover, risk management and strategic planning. David's simple pragmatic approach, combined with real life examples, makes his training sessions informative and thought provoking.