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Let’s Talk About Sex

Duration of the course: 60mins
Ideal for: Doctors, Nurses
Track: Clinical

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About The Course


What you need to know, ask and do to manage sexual health problems in your community.
Duration: 60mins
Accreditation: Allocated 3 RACGP points Activity 2166733 | Allocated 1 ACRRM point Activity 20768

Providing good sexual health care can be a challenge for GPs. It requires sensitive history taking skills based on inquiring about sexual behaviours and avoiding assumptions.  

Epidemiological factors such as the resurgence of syphilis and changing sensitivity of gonococcal bacteria to antibiotics mean that GPs need access to the latest evidence-based information and resources for screening and management.  

For patients in rural areas, or from specific at-risk groups, issues of access to health care, confidentiality, contact tracing and pharmacy access can be problematic. Although pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV has been available for some time, and can be prescribed by any GP, many GPs are not familiar with assessment, prescribing and monitoring requirements for patients at high risk of HIV who would benefit from this.  

During this interactive webinar, Dr Jenni Parsons leads a lively discussion with men’s health GP Dr George Forgan Smith, sexual health physician Dr Siobhan Bourke and rural GP Dr Evan Schuch around sexual history taking, screening for sexual infections and how to treat patients at high risk of HIV with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

The panellists discuss:

  • practical tips about asking sensitive questions, explaining what we need to ask and why 
  • taking swabs- including techniques for collecting anal swabs and advising patients about taking their own swabs.  
  • whether we need to reconsider what is ‘routine’ sexual health screening in women.  
  • what all GPs need know to provide at risk patients with ‘game changing’ HIV preexposure prophylaxis’ 

CPD Points

  • Allocated 3 RACGP points Activity 2166733
  • Allocated 1 ACRRM point Activity 20768

Learning Outcomes

  • Take a sensitive but comprehensive sexual history focussed on behaviours and avoiding assumptions.
  • Undertake appropriate sexual health screening investigations based on current epidemiological knowledge and the individual’s sexual behaviours and risks.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate the barriers to good sexual health in your local community.
  • Prescribe pre-exposure prophlaxis (PrEP) for HIV to at risk patients.

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Course Instructor

Dr Jenni Parsons
Dr Jenni Parsons General Practitioner

Jenni is an experienced GP who has worked in rural areas of Victoria and also as a locum GP in remote parts of Australia over the last decade. She worked for 10 years as the medical editor of Australian Family Physician (now Australian Journal of General Practice) and has over 20 years experience in Medical Education including teaching and supervising medical students and GP registrars, curriculum development with MCCC GP education and peer education. She has interests in mental health and in clinician health and wellbeing.

Dr George Forgan Smith
Dr George Forgan Smith General Practitioner

Dr George Forgan-Smith is a GP with expertise in sexual health, men’s health, HIV and PrEP prescribing who also is a keen health educator as can be seen in his website ‘The Healthy Bear’ - https://thehealthybear.com/.

Siobhan Bourke
Siobhan Bourke Sexual Health Physician & Senior Lecturer, CERSH

Dr Siobhan Bourke is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH) at the University of Melbourne.