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Wounds – Clinical Update for Nurses

Learn and understand how to holistically assess and manage wounds.
Date: Wednesday 30 September 2020, 6:30pm – 7:30pm | Event Flyer
Duration: 60mins

Each year about 420,000 Australians are treated for chronic wounds costing over $3 billion to the health and aged care budgets. With an average out of pocket expense of $4000 per year for patients, there is a significant financial impact in addition to the inconvenience, pain and suffering they experience.

Wound management is an evolving area of health science. Until relatively recently, wound management was generally considered a nursing modality rather than a condition requiring an integrated team approach. Contemporary wound management includes holistic assessment with a focus on the aetiology of the wound and managing co-morbidities and contributing factors.

This one hour webinar will provide an unbiased update on wound management approaches, including strategies that can be implemented in general practice and aged care settings. The principles of wound management and the healing process will be reviewed along with a refresher provided on wound assessment. Ann will then explore the revolving door of difficult wounds and provide some potential practical solutions that can be applied.

This event will assist organisations to provide the education to clinical staff to meet:

  • RACGP Standard 2 Comprehensive Care
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Standard 3 Clinical Care

What you will learn

  • Use a holistic approach to wound management.
  • Describe the principles of the wound healing process.
  • Adopt strategies to problem solve difficult wounds.

Course Instructor

Ann Fowler
Ann Fowler Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Consultant Chronic and Complex Wounds

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Estimated Time: 60 mins




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