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Empower and motivate patients to change behaviours affecting their health

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Shivaun Conn has worked for 17 years as a dietitian, health coach and presenter and we are pleased to bring her to you during the Health Coaching to Motivate Change webinar on Thursday, 30 July. She is also Vice President of the Australasian Association of Lifestyle Medicine.

Health professionals play an important role in the education of patients on the prevention and management of lifestyle disease, but merely providing information to passive recipients is not enough. To bring about change that results in improving outcomes, it is important to understand the barriers that influence a patient’s ability  to engage in health-promoting behaviours and work in partnership with them to guide, empower and motivate them to change behaviours. 

Participants will have the opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to work with patients to locate their own motivating forces in response to challenges that are specific to them. Shivaun will explore ways to improve communication skills with patients, coaching mechanisms that enable sustained change as well as coaching and relationship building skills.