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Free Training in Dementia Care for GPs, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

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Community based clinicians – general practitioners (GPs), practice nurses and allied health professionals – are often the first to be alerted to changes in a patient’s cognitive function.

What follows is often a confusing, frustrating and time consuming maze to navigate so that the patient, and their family,  gets the care required for proper investigation and a clinical diagnosis. GPs have an increasingly important role to play, not only in making a clinical diagnosis of dementia, but guiding the management. With Australian cases expected to rise from 400,000 in 2018 to 1 million by 2056, the need for general practice teams to be equipped to work across the dementia journey cannot be ignored. 

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia and the staff who support them. Known for their excellent range of online courses, nationally accredited training and resources they have now partnered with Cape Institute to deliver a series of live, interactive webinars for those who prefer training delivered in easily digested ‘chunks’ and value the opportunity ask presenters questions. Cape Institute webinars are designed to take the pain out of CPD. The evening webinars are of one hour duration, making them extremely time effective. They are also very convenient in that you can join from the comfort of your sofa or home office using your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The webinars are presented by DTA’s experienced educators, assuring the quality of the education provided.

A series of seven free webinars are planned. The first three will be delivered in 2020 and address practical issues to assist health professionals. The first webinar, scheduled for September 15th, will assist health professionals in their interactions with people living with dementia, including their family/carers. Subsequent webinars will provide a structured approach to diagnosing (October) and managing (November) dementia in general practice. The webinars are suitable for GPs, nurses and allied health professionals. Each webinar is accredited with RACGP. Certificates of completion will be issued to all participants for their CPD portfolio.

Enrol now if the first webinar- Demystifying Dementia scheduled for Tuesday 15th September at 7.00-8.00 pm