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Let’s Talk About Sex in Rural Communities

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Do you squirm a little bit when it comes to talking sex with your patients?

Two people who have perfected their skills in sexual health communication are Dr Siobhan Bourke and Dr George Forgan Smith.

Siobhan is a sexual health specialist working in Laverton, Victoria. She is also a senior lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH).

George shares his expertise in sexual health and mens health with his patients, through his website thehealthybear.com and his youtube channel where he posts engaging health information with over 3,200 followers.

Together they will be joining Cape Institute Educator Dr Jenni Parsons to Talk Sex. Listen in, or join an interactive discussion spanning sexual history; screening recommendations; barriers to good sexual behaviours and prescribing PrEP.

Don’t miss this update on the old, the new and the resurgent in sexual health in the community.